certificato biologico

The organic certification guarantees consumers that the coffee plantations have been used for that use only natural fertilizers. The production process of organic coffee is separated from the others, in order to ensure a safe and healthy product.

Our company is regularly registered in the list of processors of organic products of the Emilia Romagna region.


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By the European Commission is described as a "system of production of tasty and authentic food from agricultural processes that respect nature and animal welfare and create new opportunities for people in rural areas"


Organic certification is voluntary; growers, processors and traders who decide to get certified, once got certification, they are also subjected to more than the annual verification checks to ensure the consumer genuine products and actually obtained in respect of the cycle of nature.






Any company that wishes to take up the preparation, marketing and import of organic products is well aware that it must under go a rigorous verification process to which must be absolutely compliant. The existence of a European regulation on organic farming, trigger the release of the organic logo and the corresponding labeling system.


The company, after having requested it, must be subject to a conversion period lasting a minimum of two years before they can begin producing agricultural goods that can be marketed as organic. At any time, each business operator (farmer, processor and distributor) may be subject to inspection by the inspection organism at least once a year.


After 2 years to completion of the conversion phase and in case of positive outcome of the inspections carried out by the Inspection organism and by the competent bodies, the company will receive the "subjugation" statement which sanctions compliance and allows the sale of products with the Organic logo.




Since August 2016 we decided to introduce between our selections the Organic Caffè Biologico MEXICO ALTURA BIO to offer conscious consumers a natural product with quality assurance that has always characterized our production process.


We can create a high quality product through a network of certified producers which givse to drupes of organic coffee the right method of processing; many controls on the entire production chain, check that the product conforms in every organic phase through analysis and very strict cleaning;


Our Organic Caffè Biologico MEXICO ALTURA BIO  is certified by ICEA Control Organism running tightened checks on products and production processes to ensure you all have a good, healthy and genuine product.








Slow Food is an international non-profit association committed to restore food value , in respect of those who produce, in harmony with environment and ecosystems, thanks to the knowledge of which custodians are territories and local traditions.


Guatemala's coffee is considered one of the greatest coffee in the world. The warm air currents coming from the isthmus of Tehuatepec, meeting the cold air blowing into the mountains of the Cuchumatanes, allow the cultivation up to 1900 meters. Our GUATEMALA HUEHUETENANGO selection of Slow Food Presidium guarantees all these characteristics.




The coffee of Guatemala is considered one of the best coffee in the world.


The Presidium started in 2002, and coordinated by the Foundation for Biodiversity, now involves 170 small producers, which grow and process coffee according to a production protocol which guarantees the organoleptic, environmental and social  quality. The farmers have organized themselves to improve quality by focusing on training and development of the area. The "Slow Food" brand on coffee project was created to fullfill the communication and understanding gap between Producers and consumers, including a key figure in the chain: the roasters.It is a cultural and social project, which aims to create a new awareness around coffee, with the ultimate aim to shorten the supply chain and to improve the  quality of life of Presidia producers. The second phase of work has also included roasters - and then the finished product - allowing to connect with consumers and to promote more strongly a new coffee culture. The Presidium Slow Food Huehuetenango Highlands coffee is distributed in Italy by EquoQui  bought directly from: Cooperative Esquipulas – La Libertad, Huehuetenango, Association Asodiett- Todos Santos, Huehuetenango, Association Asdeflor- Todos Santos, Huehuetenango.